It’s safe to say we were all glued to our television screens this past Sunday as the big game’s main event occurred: the commercials. One that’s been stirring quite some buzz is the gleefully poignant spot from Fiverr that The Lift’s Magali Sagarra produced alongside players from MJZ.

For their very first Super Bowl commercial, the creative freelancer marketplace was eager to showcase a business that’s found newfound success with help from the Fiverr network. Their client of choice? Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

Directed by Nick Ball, the ad stars Four Seasons Total Landscaping owner Marie Siravo. As Marie takes us through a reimagined world of her brand, she playfully shares her belief that success is all about being at the right place at the right time—especially if Fiverr freelancers are there to help you along the way (or an unexpected press conference catapults you to the world stage). With equal parts whimsy and humor, it’s easy to see why the spot continues to be this week’s leading conversation-starter. But beyond the fun and games, executing on the Fiverr spot required equal parts tenacity and drive.

“This spot was definitely one of the most challenging ones to film during these times because of the size of the production and complexity of the project. There were special effects involved, talent, and stunts. There was little time to prepare but in the end, a lot of great attitudes and drive made it a success,” shared Magali.

Every choice made ensured that the spot was as robust and realistic as possible. From life-size waterfalls that were created on set to detailed production and creative decisions that made sure each element of the story was whole-heartedly brought to life, everyone involved worked tirelessly to transform the ordinary into something beyond expectations.