Earlier this year one of our favorite industry events, CraftWorks, relaunched in London. Led by David Reviews’ editor, Jason Stone, CraftWorks is a celebration of British advertising, consisting of a set of events featuring discussions and interviews with agency creatives and production teams around specific spots, leading industry topics, debut works, and so much more.

As a global sponsor alongside 2AM, 24/7, Electric Theatre Collective, Goldstein Music, LS Productions, Stitch, and the APA, we are proud to play a role in bringing this outlet of creativity and opportunity to life once more.

This week marked the latest CraftWorks event, and there was a lot to dive into across the pond at the London-based event.

From left: Kevin Thomas, Andy Garnett, Philippa Thomas, and Dan Cole.

The evening kicked off with a discussion with VCCP creative directors Chris Birch and Jonny Parker, who shared some insights on their latest work for Cadbury, diving deeper into the process and creative output. After the fun-filled work from Cadbury, we shifted gears towards the world of directing as HLA director Simon Ratigan shared perspective on his artform and how it works within the continually shifting space of media and advertising.

The conversation came to an exciting apex when the panelists gathered to discuss and choose what they deemed to be the best Nike advertisement from our selection of spots from around the world.

The night also included some exciting screenings of exclusive works. Audience members had the chance to catch the latest film from The Wayback, an award-winning VR project that helps those suffering with dementia by crafting immersive experiences of the past. The Wayback team shared 1966 film, which covers the days leading up to England’s famous World Cup Victory.

We were introduced to emerging director Josef Bates who screened his short film “TIC.” During the Q&A following the screening, he shared more about the thought behind his film, components of the production, and so much more. His film stirred such a buzz that within the hour he went from an unsigned director to one presented with numerous job offers. We can’t wait to see what else is in store!

Stay tuned for more on what’s next for CraftWorks!

Photos by John Starns.