We are always in awe of the work our friends and collaborators put out into the world, especially when it comes to the talented individuals under our local roster. Case in point: three recent pieces of work from Jazmin Garcia, Los Perez and Filip Nilsson.

Jazmin Garcia’s contributing work for Zalando took on new life this week with the release of her director’s cut. The spot, which was produced in collaboration with BWGTBLD GmbH, Cineburó, and Fuad Abed Dalton, brought together directors from across the globe to showcase the many meanings behind a universal though perhaps faraway action we’ve all taken for granted: a hug. Jazmin’s cut features moments of intimacy, togetherness, and tenderness—things we could all certainly be appreciative of these days.

“This is not one of those lead with light and love sentiments. More like: life can be chaotic, cruel, and absurd, but in acceptance of that, sometimes all you really want is a hug,” Jazmin said. Shot across the colorful streets of Mexico City and surrounding areas, Jazmin’s spirited scenes capture the multi-dimensional beauty of human connection.

In another exciting update, Los Pérez teamed up with singer Selena Gomez for her “De Una Vez” music video—an ode to magical realism that delivers a message and visual world all in one. Eager to work with Spanish speaking creators for what marks her first Spanish language single in nearly a decade, Selena swiftly gravitated towards Los Pérez as her creative collaborators. Enchanting and intoxicating, the directing duo worked to tell a story of heartbreak and healing, using every frame and form as a way to transcend language and pack a powerful punch of all-encompassing meaning.

Rounding out the lineup of new work is one of our directors, Filip Nilsson, who recently released another standout piece for the Swedish non-profit Generation Pep, an organization that aims to change the trend of childhood obesity in Sweden and beyond. Titled “Dance 10.000”, his spot is part of a global campaign that hopes to inspire children to get up and move—and from the moment you press play, that’s exactly what you’ll want to do. Starring 9-year-old dancer Lilyana Ilunga, the piece blends creative choreography with pulse-pounding music by Justice D.A.N.C.E, bringing viewers an enthralling reason to do something new.