Mexico is back and that means The Lift is officially back to work!

Over the past few months, we have closely monitored all government mandates and industry protocols to ensure that every move we make adheres to the strictest, most up-to-date international health and safety guidelines. We have drafted an extensive and detailed guidebook in collaboration with the expertise of the Film Chamber, Film Commission, Producers Association, WTTC, OSHA, AICP, APA, and the CDC. In fact, as we have been one of the earliest production companies to flawlessly get back to production, many of our peers have adapted the guidebook we created.

As we continue to craft new production possibilities, the soul of The Lift has always been defined by the people who work here, from our communications team to our Producers. Our top priority will always be the protection of everyone’s health and safety. 

That being said, while production was shut down, we anticipated that returning to work would be a different ballgame than we were used to. In preparation, we took every measure we could to equip ourselves with highly specialized tools so that when the time came, we would return to work better, stronger, and more creative than before. Now that we are back in action, there are a few key points we would like to emphasize:

Virtual Interfacing and Live Streaming Capabilities – From hosting meetings to social distanced work sessions, we are fully equipped to transfer all of our experience to a digital arena. We have stress and field tested a number of tools and softwares to ensure that the systems we use are of the highest standards for broadcasting, monitoring, and happy hours.  

New Locations and Destinations – Permitting is now allowed in Mexico City (with some restrictions regarding crew size), so public location shooting is now available throughout the city. Additionally, we are opening up new location possibilities by increasing the destinations we offer for productions. While there are infinite possibilities for shoots in Mexico City (which currently allows inbound foreign travel and up to 75 people on a set), we are excited to also accommodate productions in the states of Hidalgo, Puebla, Jalisco, Baja California North and South as well as the Mayan Riviera.

Casting – Our connection to the rich diversity (and the raw, untapped talent that effervesces everywhere you go) offered all around Mexico has always been one of our strengths when casting projects. Rather than casting stereotypical models, we embrace individuals from all walks of life, representing all ages and cultures, which we believe enhances the flavor and vitality of every campaign. We will continue expanding our network in order to portray the true diversity that makes Mexico a unique destination.

The Producers – We have continued to foster relationships with the best talent working all across Mexico, and are excited to return to work with an even bigger arsenal of creatives ready to take on any challenge and project.

Our producers have led the charge in adapting our model to whatever has been thrown at us for these last couple of months. They are hungry, eager to get back on the field. The challenging times are not over, but we believe that with passion, creativity, precautions and determination, we are ready to shoot again!