The springtime air has smelt pretty sweet at The Lift lately. Mexico City has been painted lavender with the blooming jacaranda trees and our spirits have been abuzz thanks to the recent award wins and nominations our work has received.

The Underdogs campaign, produced by The Lift’s Magali Sagarra, directed by Mark Molloy, and made in collaboration with SMUGGLER has received a 2020 Webby award for Advertising, Media, & PR Video – Ad Longform, and has won the Silver place at the 2020 Shot awards for Online Commercial of the Year over two minutes. The Apple spot has also been shortlisted for a number of AICP awards, including in Advertising Excellence – Single comercial, Concept, Direction, Editorial, Performance, Production Design, Sound Design, and Visual Style.

Another Apple campaign we helped bring to life has also been nominated for two AICP awards. Welcome to My World, produced by Megan Moore and The Lift’s Fuad Abed, directed by Ian Pons Jewell and made in collaboration with Reset, was recognized in the categories for Visual Style and Licensed Soundtrack. 

The third campaign we helped execute that has been included in the AICP award’s shortlist is the Supercuts spot Don’t Take Your Hair for Granted, produced by Magali Sagarra, directed by David Shane, and made in collaboration with O Positive. The wry tone of the campaign, which stars the actor Michael Kelly, landed its nomination in the Humor category.

We love seeing our hard work and the talented individuals we collaborate with recognized. Congratulations to everyone involved!